About Us

Luxury Apartments-Barcelona is made up of a group of private partners firmly committed to a new concept of “city living” based on three key ideas:

“Comfort”: The “city-living” seeks to recreate the feeling of being at home, so despite being in another city, clients will find all the comforts of your own home. We take care of the tiniest detail to ensure the highest standards of quality and luxury.

“On request”: We propose the enjoyment of all services that provide a superior hotel in a luxurious private living space. In addition, exclusive, ad hoc is a list of the most updated Barcelona chic restaurants, shops, delicatessen, VIP areas, trendy bars, etc., according to cutting-edge of urban trends and the coolest cities on the planet.

“Life-style”: Is certainly one of the greatest charms. Its urbanite “taste” and “character” recreate in the heart of the city a singular living space capable of harmonizing art, technology and design. And this combination arise many exclusive places designed for maximum hedonism and enjoyment, and work areas for the most demanding executives. The exquisite selection of pieces that decorate our rooms naturally integrates the latest technology with a unique modern test.

About the apartments:

Creative Project Director and Management Studio: Heike Schwarz.

Architectural Studio & design Alex Gasca: www.alexgasca.com

Photographers: Adrián Goula, Mauricio Fuertes, Mireia Rodríguez, Mercè Gost, Andrés Martín, Eleonora Federica, Third Floor Studio, Cup of Couple.