Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for daily and monthly rental

We advise you to read our terms and conditions carefully.

1.- The present contract is ruled by what is stipulated in there and, additionally, by the Terms and conditions for daily and monthly rental of Luxury Apartments Barcelona (see in the webside). Otherwise, by what is stipulated in the Code of Civil Law, all this notwithstanding what is stipulated in the Decree 164/2010 of the 9th of November, of the “Generalitat de Cataluña” (the Catalan government), on regulation of tourist apartments.

2.- The apartment/s is/are given furnished, equipped and in perfect condition. Its category is considered superior comfort and luxury, with exclusive decoration and pieces represented by Eames, Mies van der Roher, Le Corbussier, Jacobsen, Jaime Hayon, Patricia Urquiola, Philippe Starck, Hoffmann, Catellani & Smith, Jasper Morrison and Lazzeroni, among others. As well as graphic works and photographs of Tàpies, Broto, Zush, Llimós, Arranz-Bravo, Clave, Bartolozzi, Riera i Arago, José Manuel Ballester, Shengqiang Zhang, Jose Maria Sicilia, Marcus Davies, Alechinsky, Michael Himpel, Larry Yust and a mural of micrographs from Javier Castañeda. It also has an art technological equipment such as LCD TVs with USB-LED, HDTV and satellite channels, Wi-Fi, I-Phone Docks, alarm system (only Luxury Elíseos and Luxury Julieta apartments).

3.- Both parts admit the property that is object of the contract to be an apartment only used for tourism. That is why they relinquish to allege the condition of home address in order to prevent the inspection activities of the authorities and the maintenance tasks foreseen by the field regulations. The permanent address of the client is the one indicated at the back of this contract, and therefore he/she states that he/she contracts the accommodation service for the reason also specified and in no way and under no circumstances may the apartment be used as his/her usual residence. For that reason this contract is not subject to the legislation concerning the compulsory (for the lesser) extension of the contract.

4 .- The duration of this contract is indicated on the face of this document. When the agreed period expires, and without any need of previous notice, the customer will have to vacate the apartment that is object of the contract free and empty, with the exception of furniture and home furnishings listed in the inventory, and must at that time hand over the keys. In the event of breach of the foregoing, the customer agrees, by way of penalty, to pay an amount equal to three times the daily rent, payable on a weekly basis, until the apartment is fully available for the lesser. This is without prejudice to the costs, expenses and further indemnities that were due.

5.- The client declares the apartment is in perfect condition, as are the furnishings and appliances, according to the enclosed inventory. He/she commits him/herself to leave it at the end of the rental period in the same state and conditions in which it was given to him/her. The leaseholder accepts that the objects that might suffer damage will be replaced charging the deposit (4.000€). He/she will also cover the expenses for replacing the keys that might be lost and, if the case occurs, for changing the lock.

6 .- The owner doesn’t assume any responsibility for valuables that the client might keep in the apartment. In particular, the client frees the owner from any liability for any damage he/she or any person he/she allows to enter the apartment may suffer, as well as from damage to their belongings, be they caused by equipment for services and supplies in the rented apartment. In case of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, Aspasios may relocate the client to a different apartment, provided it offers similar or better characteristics than the apartment in this contract. In case the client doesn’t agree with the assigned flat, he/she may terminate the contract and receive a refund of the amount already paid, except for the part that corresponds to the accommodation period the client had already enjoyed, resigning immediately to any other compensation or indemnity.

7.- The owner shall pay the water, electricity, gas and telecommunication expenses. However, in case the water and electricity costs exceed, in their total sum, the amount of 150 euros per month, the client will need to pay the cost overruns. For that purpose, at the moment of signing the present contract, the stand of the meters will be recorded. Rental more than 1 months.

8 .- When terminating the contract, the customer will have to return the apartment in reasonable conditions of order and cleanliness; by not doing so, up to 70€ to 150 euros in bail may be deducted.

9 .- Also, the client will have to comply with the house rules, which are attached to these clauses. More particularly, he/she may not develop any kind of industry in the apartment nor realise any type of activity (especially parties) which causes noise or annoyances to the neighbours. He/she should avoid littering the common areas of the building and cannot have pets in the apartment, nor flammable, explosive or corrosive substances.

10 .- In case of default of any of the deferred payments that have been established and in case of breach of the customer’s obligations stipulated under clause 9, the owner may unilaterally and immediately terminate the contract, without any compensation to the tenant, being under these circumstances authorised at once to access the apartment purpose of this contract.

11- The parties are subject to the jurisdiction and competence of the courts of Barcelona with explicit renunciation to their jurisdiction, in which case the situation would be different.